Features of Like Cityfollower

24-hour support

Our support staff is ready 24 hours a day to provide the necessary support for customers after and after purchase.

Cheap Price Like

The price of a real Instagram like, as well as our fake, is discounted and cheaper than anywhere else

Quick start ordering

After buying Instagram likes and registering orders, it will take between 10 to 1 hour to start

Buy Instagram likes

If you want to buy quality and cheap Instagram likes, the lower packages are suitable for your page

  • What exactly are these pages suitable for?
  • Suitable for personal pages
  • Suitable for store pages
  • Suitable for corporate and commercial pages
  • Attributed to entertainment and competition pages

Liking means liking, Instagram likes are people who see and like your Instagram post and like and comment on it.

When you post something on your page, your content will be displayed to your followers and they may like or comment on it.


Why buy likes from Cityfollower?

Following more than 3 years of experience in the field of Instagram services, including buying Instagram likes, cityfollower has been able to order more than 1000 people and more than 1500 Instagram posts per day. We are always proud to buy fast and high quality likes for more speed and quality. Having more than 10,000 regular customers is not possible for every site, except for a site that has a high quality. I hope you enjoy your purchase.

Buy automatic Instagram likes

Buying Automatic Instagram Likes will actually exempt you from registering a Like order for each of the new posts, because you have automatically purchased an Iranian Like for the posts you are going to put on your desired page in the future by registering an order once and for all. Your posts will be sent.

In this method, to buy Instagram likes, you have to put the ID of the desired page in the purchase field, and your order will start exactly one hour after the order is registered, and any new post that is placed on the registered page will be ordered after a short time. The likes requested in the order will be automatically sent to the new posts.

One of the advantages of this method is that you can automatically download Instagram likes at any time without worrying about buying Instagram likes.

Why is Instagram one of the best places to sell?

Instagram’s unique features and features have made it a significant presence for business owners and has become the fastest, best and most effective way to advertise and attract customers. According to the latest statistics announced at the end of 2017, Instagram is the most effective social network in attracting customers and increasing profitability. .

You can share this benefit by buying Iranian likes. Official statistics show that if a company, store, brand or any other business has at least one product for sale and is not currently active on Instagram, it loses a significant amount of its profit and the best way to compensate is to buy followers.

Is it possible to divide a like package into several photos?

Yes, you can like the address of the photos you want by purchasing each package and write and send us the number of likes in the order description section, just note that it is possible to buy less than 200 for each photo. is not.

How do I send you an Instagram photo link?

1. Log in to your Instagram page with your mobile phone and touch the photo you want. Below the photo on the right there is a 3-dot mark, touch it, then tap Copy Share Url, and then hold your finger in the address of the photo when ordering, and Paste exactly the same as Copy and Paste.

2- In the description section, enter your Instagram ID and, for example, write: Likes should be applied to the latest photo. Note that the URL of photos on Instagram is normally something like this


Please pay attention to the following points before buying Instagram likes!

1 – Put your page in public

2 – Orders will start in less than 1 hour

3 – In some cases, orders will be sent with a slight delay

5 – In case of any problems, contact our support.

6 – Low price and high quality is equal to more profit and more applicants  Enjoy shopping and likes.

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Cheap likes

In principle, the esteemed admins of Instagram pages are looking for services and products that, in addition to being cheap and economical, maintain the health of their Instagram profile by purchasing it. One of the most important parameters in buying Instagram likes is the use of servers, profiles that, although not real and active, can have a great impact on your page.

What these profiles mean is that although they are not real, when they are credited to your account, they are considered by Instagram as real followers and have the same positive and effective performance that you have in mind.

IGTV Like 

If you want to buy Instagram likes for your IGTV videos, you can use the above packages for this purpose. After purchasing, the number of likes IGTV on your Instagram channel will increase automatically and instantly. If your followers are not Iranian, buy foreign likes.
IGTV is a channel on your Instagram page where you can upload videos that last more than 1 minute, just like posting videos you post on your page.

The type of IGTV like is no different from the likes of regular Instagram posts, and current product packages can be used to enhance it.

Instagram instant likes

As we explained in the cheap and fast like tab, increasing instant and instant likes is very important for webmasters. Most buyers expect that the number of likes on their posts will quickly increase immediately after the successful purchase of likes from the Fallook Camp server in the form of instant and instant likes.

Immediate fulfillment of orders registered on the site, in addition to being the concern of the admin of Instagram pages, is also the concern of the follow-up team and we always try to fulfill the customer’s order immediately and so far we have been able to get a good satisfaction in this regard.

Therefore, we have literally implemented the immediate and immediate like slogan, and in this way, we will make every effort to increase the level of satisfaction of buyers and esteemed customers.

An immediate increase in likes, especially in the first twenty minutes after posting, is important. Follow-up using the fast server for this purpose, immediately after registering the order on the site, will automatically start sending the purchased likes. One of the uses of instant increase in winning competitions is based on the number of likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to take special action when buying a like?

Yes, you need to make your Instagram page public when ordering.

How long will the likes increase?

Upon successful payment, your order will be processed immediately and will be completed in less than a few minutes.

I want real likes, what should I do?

Most of these likes are real and don’t require much work. There are always some fake profiles on Instagram shopping orders that are inevitable.

What if my order is not fulfilled?

If you wish, the full amount will be refunded to you. Otherwise, it will be processed again.

Can this product be used to increase IGTV likes?

Yes, you can use the same product to increase the likes of IGTV videos.