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24-hour support

Our support staff is ready 24 hours a day to provide the necessary support for customers after and after purchase.​

Cheap Price Views

The price of a real Instagram Views, as well as our fake, is discounted and cheaper than anywhere else

Quick start ordering

After buying Instagram Views and registering orders, it will take between 10 to 1 hour to start


Buy Instagram views

Attract followers and other people to your videos by purchasing views and increasing your videos.

Increasing the number of views of your videos makes others eager to watch your video.

If you buy Instagram visits from Follower 98, you will receive 10 to 25 percent of the amount of the order to visit the gift.

If your product video has high traffic, it will increase trust and increase the likelihood that the visitor will become a customer.

Increase the value of your videos and pages by buying Instagram views.

If the video is about your product or service, buying a visit for them will increase the likelihood of increasing sales and placing the video on Instagram Explorer.

Buy Instagram visit with the cheapest price per ka only 2,000 Tomans and in higher numbers cheaper!

The start of the order is instantaneous at any time of the day and night, and the amount of the requested visit will be received quickly.

In a few cases, there may be a slight delay in completing the order due to the slowness of the servers.

It is an Instagram video viewing service and if you enter a photo link or IGTV and… post. Nothing will happen.

In order to place orders, the page must be public.

Note that in album videos (multiple videos in one post) the amount of views is not displayed and only the amount of likes is displayed.


Buy Instagram views vedio

Doesn’t your video have views? As you know, Instagram has considered the number of views in a new action for videos. If your number of followers is low and your videos are not viewed, you can (View) or (Seen) increase your videos.

Buy Instagram View Live

Live Instagram is the live streaming of video on Instagram, and you can access it from the Instagram Stories section. With this feature, you can communicate with your followers simultaneously and respond to their comments and comments live (Live) and interact with them. Today, Instagram Live is one of the simplest and most useful live video recording and playback tools.


Buy Instagram views IGTV

If you want to get the attention of followers or other Instagram users to your video, you have to value the video. One of the most important factors that helps you a lot is buying a visit for your video. The more your video is viewed, the more it attracts the attention of others and makes others eager to watch your video. It is very important how much your video is viewed.

Can I split a video package into several videos?

Yes, you can purchase any package to view the URLs of the videos you are considering and write and send us the number of views for the order description section, just note that for each video it is possible to purchase less than 1000 items. is not.

Is it possible to split a visit package into several videos?

Yes, you can visit the addresses of the videos you are considering by purchasing each package, and you can write and send us the number of visits in the order description section, just note that for each video it is possible to buy less than 1000 items. is not.

Benefits of buying Instagram views

Follower City is one of the few sites to increase visits and visits that the dedicated server has. That’s why the prices offered for the products of this site are among the cheapest prices available among the sites that sell Instagram products, including video viewing. One of the advantages of buying a visit from Follower City is the authenticity of the visits that are sent to your posts and by active Iranian profiles.

Visual support and after-sales service are some of the benefits that buyers and customers visit when surveying the site.

It takes less than 10 minutes from the time of order registration to visit the site to complete the increase in Instagram traffic, and orders are made immediately and instantly at a very high speed. Fast ordering is another advantage of buying a visit to the Follower City site.

Buy Instagram views instant 

After purchasing the post visit, your order will be done immediately and the number of video views will increase. All you have to do is give the link to the movie you posted on your Instagram page to Fallookamp’s server so that your visit will increase as soon as possible. Only in exceptional cases where the volume of orders registered on the site is high, the increase will not be immediate and there is a slight natural delay.

Buy Instagram views cheap 

If you want to experience a cheap purchase in every sense of the word, Follow Camp is the right choice for you. We have a dedicated and powerful server for increasing Instagram visibility, likes and followers, which is why we are able to offer the cheapest prices for buying View Posts (videos) to our customers. It should be noted that we do not use low-quality and fake visits in any way.

Buy Instagram views Real

Vote to increase your movie and Instagram page views We use accounts with real profiles. These profiles look real not only from the point of view of the general users of this social network, but also from the point of view of Instagram. After completing the order, you will see more views than the purchased visit increase package, which is an incredible gift…