Complete tutorial on deleting and editing posts on Instagram 2020

Delete Instagram Post
Delete Instagram Post

You may want to delete one of your posts, but you may not be able to do so, or you may want to edit it after submitting and publishing your post, but there is a way to edit it and the related options. You didn’t know. The use of these features is a bit trivial, but maybe for some people who are new members Instagram They have registered on Instagram and are not familiar enough with Instagram settings.

I myself had such problems in my early days on Instagram, but there is no need to worry because you can easily delete or edit some of your posts. Today’s discussion is about deleting Instagram posts, but we will try to remind you how to edit posts on Instagram.

How to delete posts on Instagram

You can delete your posts both permanently and temporarily (archive), and we’ll cover both tutorials.

Permanent deletion of posts on Instagram

Delete Instagram Post
Delete Instagram Post

To delete your Instagram post completely, just do the following steps.

1_ Log in to your Instagram account and then go to your account’s profile page, where your published posts are.

2_ Select the post we want to delete and enter it.

3_ In the opened page, to delete your Instagram post, you must select the three-dot icon at the top right of the page, and in the opened box, touch the delete option, and then confirm it as shown below.

Delete Instagram Post
Delete Instagram Post

Temporary deletion of Instagram post (archiving)

Archive on Instagram One of the new features of Instagram is that you can use it to archive your posts so that if you want, you can display it to the public again, or you can view it only for yourself, for archiving. It’s enough to make your Instagram post:

Delete Instagram Post
Delete Instagram Post
  1. As in the previous tutorial, we select the relevant post to temporarily delete or archive.
  2. Then select the three-dot icon and in the opened box, instead of delete, select the first option, archive.

3_ By selecting this option, the relevant post will be placed in your Instagram archive section and will be deleted from your profile page.

4_ To restore the archived post, just select the archive icon at the top of the page in your Instagram profile page, then go to the archived posts section and select the desired post, then select the three-dot icon and select the show on profile option. Select to re-display the relevant post.

Delete Instagram Post
Delete Instagram Post

Post edited

Delete Instagram Post

Consider that you posted a post on Instagram, but in the Instagram caption it was spelled incorrectly, or you want to change part of the text for any reason, or you want to tag accounts in your post, and what is your task? ? You can easily make the necessary changes by using the three-dot icon in the corresponding post.

To apply various settings and edits on your post, just enter the relevant post and, like the previous tutorial, touch the three dots icon and make your desired edits in the opened card.

Note that some of these edits cannot be restored, so you need to be careful.

The photo that was uploaded above was related to the old version of Instagram, and now Instagram has added new options, which we will explain below.

Text editing options

  • post to other apps: This is the first editing option that tells you that you can publish your post through other programs such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • copy link: Copying your post link is another feature that has been added. If you have a telegram channel, you will see that you can put the link of your post there so that other members of the channel can also check it. Also, if you want to download your own or others’ posts, you must select this option to copy the download link and use separate programs or sites. Download from Instagram Download the relevant photo or video.
  • share to: With this option, you can publish the relevant post on other social networks such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • archive: As mentioned in this tutorial, you can easily archive your posts or delete your posts temporarily by using the new archive feature in Ins j if.
  • delete: As we said, you delete the desired post by selecting the delete option and confirming it.
  • turn of commenting: Using this feature, you will be able to disable the comments section of the relevant post, which will disable your post’s comment icon, and to activate it, it is enough to reactivate this section as before.
  • edit: With this option, you can edit your post, edit your post, whether it is a photo or a video, including the section Instagram caption , Tag other accounts and add location.
    1. tag people: You can tag anyone you want.
    2. add location: Specify the location of the feed post.
    3. alt text: You can change the text in any way you want.

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