Diving in the mysterious world of the Persian Gulf

Diving in the mysterious world of the Persian Gulf

Kish Island has been offering diving professionally and recreationally to those interested in this field for many years..

There are many diving sites in Kish, which are one of the biggest attractions for travelers on the island. Kish tour Are considered. It is possible to train and also dive for women in this coral island, which is one of the advantages of this recreational sport in Kish..

Diving history in Kish

It is interesting to know that the history of diving in Kish dates back to the time of Xerxes. The Shah of Iran traveled under the seas to obtain trophies and treasures, and to obtain valuable objects and jewels left over from sunken ships. In the past, Iranian divers and fishermen traveled to the depths of the sea to extract expensive pearls..

Subsequently, diving began as early as the Qajar and Pahlavi eras on the island of Kish, and at that time was only considered recreational for aristocrats and courtiers. But gradually it became popular and today the popular sport of many tourists is Kish tour and tourists will be able to travel to the depths of the Persian Gulf with a few hours of training..

You need to learn the tips and tricks in diving from the coaches who specialize in this sport. Diving is possible in Kish every season. All you have to do is travel to Kish Island and learn the necessary lessons and visit an unknown world.

Diving is also available for children ages 7 to 13 on Kish Island. Necessary training is given to children by an expert to go underwater and touch the depths of the sea and aquatic life. There are no dangerous aquatic animals like sharks on Kish diving sites, so there is no danger to you or your loved ones..

There are several diving sites on Kish Island, each with its own story and beauty, and in each section you can watch different aquatic species, including Black Tip, Barracuda, Scorpio, Fish Bat, Fish Table, Eagle snout turtles, green backs, corals and so on. cited.

It is recommended to get information about Kish diving sites in advance.

Big Corel and Jurassic Park diving site

If you are an amateur or you will have your first diving experience. It’s a good idea to start by diving from these two sites. Because their depth reaches 6 to 8 meters and is a short distance from the beach. In this area you will find corals, fish tables, shark reefs, acorn fish, turtles, shrimp, sea spiders and so on. To go to these diving sites, you have to go to Simorgh beach on Kish Island.

Zubich site

The site is also designed for beginners and children, with a depth of 4 to 6 meters, and allows you to visit marine sculptures and dungeons that are home to many aquatic animals. To go to Zubich site, you have to go in front of Dariush Kish Hotel.

Sambaran site

Sambaron site is designed for professional divers to enjoy diving with more excitement and adventure. This part is 12 to 16 meters deep and is actually a coral site, and because it is located a short distance from the island, it is more pristine than before. This site is located between Kish Island and Hindurabi Island and is usually not recommended for beginners.

Dama Wrestling Site

Dama Ship is located 33 meters from Kish Island and is one of the unlucky ships that sank in 2005. Although the ship has been sunk for many years, the reason for its sinking is still a mystery. Today, the ship has become one of the diving attractions in Kish, which adds to the mystery of the depth of the sea..

The ship has been a part of the sea for many years and today is home to many aquatic species such as fish bats, barracuda, stone, redfish and torpedo. Diving on a Dama ship requires specialized training.

Greek wrestling site

The Greek ship was not as lucky as the Dama ship and sank in the distant past, and today it has become a place to respond to the curious minds of tourists and divers. Diving on a Greek ship is not difficult and complicated, and at the beginner level it is possible to dive with low equipment, but because the ship’s license is 8 meters deep, you need more expertise and equipment..

Saturn crack site

One of the most sought-after diving sites in Kish is the Saturn Kirk site, located in the south of the island, at a depth of 22 meters. If you are a beginner, this site is not recommended. There is also a possibility of seeing sharks and barracuda on this site. Also, due to the water flow on this site, diving will be a little more difficult.

Why is Kish attractive to tourists?

Kish Island is one of the most popular destinations for travelers and tourism enthusiasts. According to statistics, most domestic passengers are related Mashhad tour And they become Kish tour. The beautiful island of Kish has an area of ​​90 km and is one of the most attractive and beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf, which in ancient times was known as “Qais”..

With a little study of historical books, you will find that Kish Island has been part of Iranian territory since the Achaemenid period and has been under its control. In 1349, a delegation of Iranian and American experts entered the island and visited it, after which Kish Island was selected as an international tourism center. Kish will be a great option for those who are interested in excitement and adventure, who will have the opportunity to enjoy the full facilities and up-to-date sports and entertainment of the island..

Vegetation, coral beaches and artifacts from the distant past are some of the features that have always been of interest to tourists..

In the following, you will get acquainted with three tourist attractions of Kish, which are very popular.

Kish underground city

This fascinating sight of Kish is 2500 years old and is considered as one of the historical places of this island. This old aqueduct actually consists of underground routes where water flow is dug by the Iranians. In fact, the art of making aqueducts has been monopolized by the Iranians. Some aqueducts in Iran are 6,000 years old.

The coral roof of this aqueduct is one of the features that distinguishes this aqueduct from other aqueducts. The underground city of Kariz Kish is located at a depth of 14 meters, along the 15 km route. Simple tools such as axes and pickaxes have been used to dig the aqueduct, the effects of which can still be seen on the walls of Kariz..

Greek ship Kish

A Greek ship sank near Baghui village in Kish in 1345. After a few days, the crew of the Greek ship was forced to unload the cargo, which was an oil cargo, and get out of it themselves. After eight days of efforts by the Dutch tow truck, the rescue operation failed and the Greek ship remained on the shores of Kish forever..

It is said that when the attempts to save the ship were unsuccessful, the Greeks set the ship on fire so that no one would know its secrets..

Some consider the foggy weather to be the reason for the ship’s sinking, and since there were no lighthouses off the coast of Kish Island, the ship’s captain had difficulty finding his way. It is recommended to watch the sunset next to the ship Don’t give up. If you are looking for a destination to travel for your Nowruz holiday, we suggest Nowruz Kish Tour Don’t miss.

Hindurabi Island

The island covers an area of ​​about 23 square kilometers and is located between Kish Island and Lavan. Hindurabi Island is located 28 km from Kish. The island can be reached by boat. The island of Hindurabi has a sandy beach with huge cliffs. The ruins on the island are actually remnants of the Portuguese who dominated the island..

For tourists who want to spend their time in peace and away from the hustle and bustle, Hindurabi Island will be the best option..

Upon entering the island, you will feel like you have entered an unknown place that you are curious to explore. Definitely, the pristine and beautiful environment of Hindurabi will erase your charms. Recreational and leisure facilities have been provided for tourists on the island in recent years. Motor boats, fishing and scuba diving, watching turtle spawning in the winter are some of the attractions of the island..

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