Image transfer from Samsung phone to computer; How to transfer files from your device?

Image transfer from Samsung phone to computer; How to transfer files from your device?

Samsung phones are easy to use, but learning how to use them is still useful. Here’s how Transfer images from Samsung phone to computer You teach.

If you’re using Samsung’s Android phones and tablets, there are a few simple ways you can transfer files to your computer. The first method is to use a USB cable, but with Bluetooth, a memory card, and even Wi-Fi, you can do this. In the following, we will teach you how to transfer an image from a Samsung phone to a computer. With Repetition Be with me.

Transfer images from Samsung phone to computer

Transfer videos, photos and other file types using a USB cable

Transfer videos, photos and other file types using a USB cable

To transfer the image from the Samsung phone to the computer with the USB cable, connect the provided cable with the product to the phone as well as the healthy USB port of your computer. Note that some USB cables are designed for charging only, and in fact the number of wires in them is less, usually 2 or 3. You can’t move data with these cables.

In the first connection of the phone to the system, a driver or software software is installed on the computer. Do not block the installation or download of necessary files and then install the driver. If questions are asked about accesses while installing the driver, confirm it and use the admin account if necessary so that there are no restrictions on installing the software.

The next step is to confirm the Allow access to device data message on your Android phone or tablet. This message may be hidden in the notifications section, so check the notifications section, and if you see the USB connection icon, touch it and select the connection type as MTP or USB Mass Storage (the default mode, which is Charging, is for charging only). Android devices are used).

You will now see your phone in the Windows File browser, and by clicking on it, two drives for the memory card and internal memory will usually be displayed. Camera photos and videos are stored in a folder called DCIM.

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If you want to have more control over transferring photos from your Android phone to a computer running Windows, you can do so without the help of peripherals manually or manually.

Before you do that, you need to make sure that your smartphone is properly connected to the computer. Connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. Lower the Notifications bar and select the type of file you want to transfer.

To transfer photos on your Android phone to a Windows computer without the use of software and only with the help of Copy / Paste, you must follow the following steps:

Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Depending on how you choose to move, your phone will be displayed with an icon such as a camera, media player, or even a drive icon. Of course, the icon is not important here, but you should find the name of your phone in the Windows This Pc window list.

By clicking on the icon of your phone, you will see a drive called Phone that you have to click on. Find the DCIM folder and open it. In the DCIM folder, open the Camera folder. You can select your favorite photos by pressing the Ctrl key. You can also select all folder photos by pressing the Ctrl + A shortcut button.

After selecting the photos and turning them blue, right-click on them and then in the new window, click on the left Copy option, or use the shortcut key Ctrl + C. If you want to transfer your photos to your computer without a copy of them in your phone’s memory, left-click or use the Ctrl + X shortcut button to cut them.

Then go to your favorite folder in Windows, right-click and select Paste, or use the shortcut key Ctrl + V instead.

Transfer photos and videos of Samsung phones with a memory card

To transfer an image from a Samsung phone to a computer, use the memory card of a microSD card, and in rare cases, get an SD card and put it in it. Using your phone or tablet’s file manager, select your files and copy them to the external memory or the same microSD card, then remove the memory card and connect it to the Windows system with a reader, and the required files, especially the DCIM folder. Copy videos and photos from the camera app.

Transfer small photos and files via Bluetooth to Samsung phones

Not all computers, or in fact bags, have Bluetooth, but you can use a Bluetooth interface to add Bluetooth connectivity to your computer. To transfer an image from a Samsung phone to a computer, connect the Bluetooth interface to your computer via Bluetooth, or enable it if your computer is equipped with Bluetooth.

Most Android phones and tablets today have a wireless Bluetooth connection. If your phone or tablet has Bluetooth, use the status bar to activate it. Just touch the Bluetooth icon and turn it on. If you touch this icon for a few seconds, you will be taken to the Bluetooth settings page. This page usually has a checkbox or switch option that allows the phone or tablet to be detected by other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Enable this option.

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Now, in the list that appears, look for a laptop or Windows computer with Bluetooth capability, and follow the steps to confirm the connection by typing the code on another device to pair the device.

You can now send or receive files by right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon next to the Windows clock. Use the Send or receive files via Bluetooth option to send the file, and use the Receive files option to download the file, and note that the download message is displayed on another device and you must confirm it. Otherwise, the file will usually not be received or sent!

To send photo and video files, first run the phone’s file manager and then select the files you want and use the Share option. Bluetooth is one of the main options in the Android sharing menu.

Transfer photos and videos and other files from Samsung phones to PC with WiFi

Transfer videos, photos and other file types using a USB cable
Transfer images from Samsung phone to computer

FTP‌ or File Transfer Protocol is a simple file transfer protocol. In this process, you can consider the phone as a server and the computer as a client, and with this protocol, you can exchange files between your phone and your computer. You need a special program to transfer the image from Samsung phone to computer with this method.

There are many options for doing this, but we recommend the WiFi FTP Server program, as many users are completely satisfied with it and it is updated regularly. By touching the Start button, the server mode will be activated and you can send or receive files. In Windows, you can also use software such as Filezilla to transfer files using the FTP protocol.

Download and install the app and tap the Start button after running the app. If a message appears for permission to access the files, give the necessary access. In this app, pay attention to the server link, user ID and password that is listed in front of the URL, Userid and Password Server, and use these values ​​on the Windows computer and your favorite FTP software.

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You can now use FTP software to view all content stored on the phone’s internal memory or memory card. Check the DCIM folder because the photos and videos taken with the phone’s camera are stored here. Downloading files with FTP software is quick and easy.

Other applications that work in the same style and are very simple include Zapia. To transfer the image from your Samsung phone to your computer with this software, install it on your phone and computer. Before proceeding with the required steps, note that the phone and Windows system must be connected to a network.

Now run Zapia Software on Windows to turn your computer into a hotspot. Run Zapia on your phone and touch Search and Join to search for Zapia apps and tablets. Once the device is detected, touch its icon to connect. Now you can select apps or other files and touch them to your computer by touching the Send button.

Transfer photos and videos from phone to computer using cloud services such as Google Drive

Cloud services are very useful for those who have fast and cheap internet, because they allow users to download and upload files and synchronize files. Synchronization means that when two or more users access a folder and its files, and from time to time make changes to the files, these changes are also seen in other users’ accounts. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to access the cloud service and edit a file, and then access the edited file from another device connected to the same cloud service.

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To transfer photos and videos from an Android device to a computer, one of the free services that has a high capacity for the user is Google Drive. Download and install the Google Drive app from Google Play. There is 15 GB of space in the free account of each user of this app, and you can fill and empty it regularly! You can also log in to this service with your Gmail account or Google account and upload the file.

Run the gallery app to transfer the image from the Samsung phone to the computer. Select the photos and videos you want, first touch Share and then Save to Drive. If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone, first select the account you want, then select the folder created to transfer the file, and finally touch Save.

It is time consuming to sync Google Drive content or actually upload it from your phone to Google Drive and then download the content from Google Drive to your computer, depending on the size of the files, as well as for those who have high-volume Internet. It’s not just about transferring small photos and files.

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