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Instagram One of the most thriving social networks, especially in the field of business, offers new updates to its users on a daily basis. In all the updates that Instagram offers to its users, there are new features to expand users’ communication with each other. In the latest Instagram update, a topic called Live Double was introduced, which was also very attractive for users. Currently, each user’s account has a two-person follow-up live. In the rest of this article, we’re going to take a look at different headlines, including the importance of two-person live for businesses, and how to do a two-person live.

What is a two-person live?

The first question that comes up in the latest update for many users is, what is a two-person live? Many people at first may think that a two-person live is actually a live in which only two people are present, if this idea is partly true and partly incomplete !!! ..

Instagram’s two-person live means live streaming from two separate accounts, which can be directly connected to each other and other audiences. Prior to this update, each person could only be in a one-way conversation with their users in voice and video chat. But now you can have audio and video chat with other users.

Who is Live Two for?

In this update, Instagram has decided to activate Live Two for all accounts. In fact, you can use the two-person live feature with any account, including regular or business. There are no restrictions for different accounts and all accounts have all the features.

Do we have a live group?

So far, there is no update for group live, but it is possible that in the future, Instagram will also include an update for group live. In this case, group live can also be a great new feature for businesses.

Do we see each other live?

Many people are worried that they will be shown while watching others live. Let us ease your mind. Other users will not see you at all. A message is always displayed on a two-person live. The message says that you can send a request to the organizer of the live. After sending the request, if the main organizer accepts your request, then your image will be displayed to other users.

Running a two-person live Instagram (step by step)

And You must first log in to your account. Then go to the Stories section.

And In the story section, in the icons below, click on the icon LIVE go. In this section, you can easily be considered a live organizer.

And As you can see in the picture, a two-face icon is displayed for you, and you can select it to access the two-person live.

And You can then ask each of the active users to create a two-person live.

And After accepting users, you are currently in a two-person live.

So far, we’ve talked about running a two-player live. Now in this section we are going to provide different settings.

Our suggestion is to first test the two-person live with one of those around you, and practice and test all the points in it so that you don’t have any problems.

Instagram two-person live settings

In this headline, we are going to explain all the points that can be effective in holding two-person live.

1. One of the most important points is the subject of your live. If you’ve ever held a live, you’ve probably seen that most users don’t join at the very beginning of the live. Users join your Live at different times, and you can’t keep talking about Live. A solution has been found to solve this problem. You can use the Pin option to write the subject of the live and show it to the user throughout the live, so that each user knows the subject of your live at any time.

2. The second thing you need to take seriously when hosting a live double is the timing. Many users do not pay attention to this point. You should not hold your live at any time. The essence of live is that users can see it and actually visit it. That’s why holding a live in the afternoon is not very useful, instead you can hold your live at 8 to 12 at night. Statistics show that more users are working on Instagram during these hours of the day and night.

These are very important

3. Don’t always raise the issue immediately after the live. Allow users to join your page and wait 10 minutes. Of course, keep in mind that you shouldn’t just stare at the screen for ten minutes. Try to share some of your fascinating memories. To encourage users to stay on your page.

4. Many users leave comments and you can close or open the comments section by providing a reason.

5. Some users ask questions that can be considered very important, in which case you can pin the user’s comment to answer it when needed.

6. During the two-person live, the image of both people is displayed vertically in a box. Research has shown that the audience first sees a high image. If you want to have a high impact on your live, be sure to start the live to have your image above.

7. The live organizer can disconnect from the guest user at any time, and all you have to do is click on the cross button in the right corner of the guest user.

8. For high impact, be sure to try to have a high internet speed. If you are not connected to Live, one of the reasons could be your internet speed.

Do it all

9. Many users can’t see it while holding Live. So you have to save it. There are two ways to save and display it.

9.1. In the first method, your live will be recorded and recorded for only 24 hours. Users can only watch it for 24 hours.

9.2. In this way, you can record live all the time using the video recording programs from the screen and easily record it on AGTV forever.

10. You can even easily avoid watching these other users of your live duo.

The importance of two-person live for business

Unfortunately, many businesses are now ignoring the importance of two-person live. We suggest you to hold two-person live. To do this, you can first connect to the pages that have a lot of followers, and after holding a two-person live with them, you will be their guest. At the same time, you can inform other users about your activity. If you visit a live show for a week during the month, at the end of the month you will see that the number of your customers multiplies and you can be the organizer of the live from now on.

1. In your live shows, you can explain your products, inform about your services and the latest business methods. I even suggest to business owners that they can share their working memories with their client in order to communicate sincerely. Unconsciously, this issue brings users with you !!! ..

2. Try to respond to friends’ comments on the slides. Do not comment in any way. Yes, we know that some people will write against you in their comments. But remember that you have a more winning lever that you can use to thwart their work. That lever of your product and ultimately the power of your content.

Take everything seriously

3. As much as possible, invite users to talk about their different experiences with your product. In this retelling of experiences, some negative factors are also mentioned, which if there is a compelling reason, you can express it and otherwise apologize to your customer. This apology directs customers to your account !! ..

4. Don’t keep promotional live shows at all. You can even post tutorials on these live shows. This has a huge impact on users. Educational and analytical live shows are very popular today. So be sure to try using these live models.

5. One of the great features of two-person live is that you can have all of your guest followers, or even if you are a live guest, without having to do follow-up and follow-up. This will happen again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a two-person live? And

Ability to make direct connections between two user accounts in the Instagram Live section

Do we have a live group? And

No, this feature is not currently enabled. But it’s likely that Instagram will activate it soon.

Is the live double active for everyone? And

Yes, any regular business or business account can use two-person live.

How do I have a double live? And

Log in to the Instagram story section.
In the Live section, select the two-face icon.
You are now on the live page of two people, select one of your online users and enter into a conversation with them.
If you are looking for visual explanations, you can read this article.


It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program on Instagram. Instagram’s two-person live is very useful and flexible and helps you to easily communicate with your old customers and also open a new circle of customers in front of you. Now you can use the above settings to create a useful two-person live.

We hope this article has been helpful. However, because the two-person live isn’t very old, we’re likely to add new features to Instagram. You can access the latest Instagram features Inbo blog See. However, you can ask your questions in the comments section so that Inbo’s support team can help you as soon as possible.

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