The best Telegram exchange channels; Familiarity with the best training channels, stock signals and capital market news

The best Telegram exchange channels; Familiarity with the best training channels, stock signals and capital market news

There are many channels in the field of stock news and information in Telegram. In this talk, we want to introduce you to some of the best Telegram exchange channels.

How to find telegram channels of Tehran Stock Exchange? How to teach and learn from zero to one hundred scholarships? Where to start? Who are the best analysts and professors of the Iranian Stock Exchange? Where are telegram channels for buying and selling stocks that offer stocks introduced? Where can we learn the technical and fundamental analysis of the stock market and Forex?

Many investors in the financial markets do not have a high level of analytical and expertise and generally make their trading decisions based on many factors, including news and information published in the financial and economic media. Given that most media outlets are now specialized, traders are also looking for these relevant information portals.

In recent years, examples of specialized social networks in the field of capital markets have developed around the world. One such case is the 2008 US stock market social network called Twitter Shares. The network publishes only comments, analyzes and news related to the stock market independently of Twitter.

In the Iranian capital market, too, examples such as stock finder, archan, and lantern have been able to attract the attention of many enthusiasts in recent years; But in the virtual world, the Telegram messenger program is very popular among Iranian capital market activists, and despite the problems and obstacles that have arisen, most brokerage firms, portfolio managers, “legal” and “real” activists are now known. Institutions and educational authorities of the stock market and the official and active presence in this network have an international messenger.

The best Telegram exchange channels

List of the best training channels, stock signals and capital market news

Telegram users can generally communicate and exchange information through “Group, Channel and Bot”, which, due to its ease of use and integration, the content is usually provided to the audience of the capital market through the channel.

The best Telegram exchange channels

The content published in the Telegram channels related to the Iranian stock market has news, analytical and educational content, some of which are independent and based on the same public messaging platform, and some of which are related to famous “news agencies” and “analysts”. Or institutions related to the capital market. Here are some of the top Telegram exchange channels.

Keep in mind that the introduced cases are examples of practical and popular financial channels, and there are certainly other cases in this field that cannot be examined and introduced in this article.

The list below is an answer to these questions, and there are some resources that can be used to learn about financial markets such as the stock market and Forex. For people unfamiliar with these markets, it provides keywords that can be searched through a host of free and non-free resources, and at least not too confusing to begin with, and can be shared with some stock market instructors, classes, and so on. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Stock Exchange.

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To follow the news of Iran Stock Exchange, one of the best options available is to use Telegram Stock Exchange channels that provide statistics, news, information and stock market analysis. The number of these channels is large, but not all of them have the same quality level.

In addition, the large number of these channels and the volume of content provided is such that you may not be able to check all the channels or check the content. Keep in mind that your transactions should not be based solely on the signal of these channels, and be sure to check the information yourself.

Some of these channels also advertise, and you should definitely check these ads and not easily add any channel and don’t trust anyone.

To access the content of some of these channels, you need a special subscription and payment. Of course, our recommendation is to use free content and free channels. But if you feel you need money training, be sure to get one. Also, some of these professors have valuable training courses that you can use. In the following, we will introduce the best channels of Telegram Exchange.

Walid Hellat Telegram Channel

One of the best Telegram exchange channels

Walid Helalat, a fundamental analyst at Capital Markets, publishes an audio file titled Audio Analysis every Friday and reports on political and economic issues in Iran and around the world. Unfortunately, Walid Halalat recently announced that the audio analysis will no longer be published.

The Telegram channel also pays more attention to the fundamentals of stock market shares, and publishes global rates for metals, petrochemicals, refining, gold, currency, oil, etc., and reputable global publications such as Peltz. For those looking for financial market expertise, the Walid Hellet channel is like a training class.

Maziar Fathi Telegram Channel

Maziar Fathi is a fundamental analyst in the capital market. Every day, he publishes an audio file entitled Daily Capital Market Report, which can be very useful for daily tracking of these files. Of course, these files are currently published weekly and monthly. Maziar Fathi is currently collaborating with the Pashtun Scholarship Academy.

The best Telegram exchange channels

Hamid Morteza Kooshki Telegram Channel

Hamid Koushki is one of the fundamental analysts and occasionally introduces portfolios to buy shares on his channel. In addition to the fundamental analysis they put into the channel, Mr. Koushki also considers global markets and pays attention to global indicators such as VIX, PMI, and so on. Recently, they have been releasing three audio files titled Bazaar Voice every weekend, in which they talk about political and economic news, global markets and Kadal’s reports.

Pashtun famous Telegram channel

Pashtun Maroufinejad is a technical analyst in the capital market. In Mr. Mashhouri Nejad’s channel, you can mainly see the technical analysis of stock market symbols as well as the Forex market. The PTM trading system and trading strategy was the first well-known Pashtun technical analysis booklet that many market veterans may have become familiar with.

Currently, Pashtun Maroufinejad is the director of the education department of the Pashtun Scholarship Academy, and if you are in Tehran, you can attend technical analysis classes. Recently, they put a book called “Preliminary Technical Analysis Training” on their channel for free, which you can download by clicking on the link.

Mehdi Mirzaei Telegram Channel

Mehdi Mirzaei is a technical analyst at Capital Markets, and his style of analysis is based on Robert Pratcher’s style of wave analysis. In their telegram channel, in addition to technical analysis of various stock market symbols as well as global markets, they also provide very useful fundamental analysis.

Mr. Mirzaei is currently working with the Awakening Economics Agency. You can visit Mehdi Mirzaei’s website and see the books they wrote.

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Hamid Abdo Telegram Channel (Watch List)

The Watch List Telegram Channel examines the technicalities of stock market symbols. The way it works is that it selects potential symbols and specifies entry and exit points for them. Perhaps the best advantage of this channel over similar channels that perform technical analysis is that if you follow the analysis continuously, you can also learn the strategy, plan, and capital management.

The best Telegram exchange channels

Morteza Ebad Telegram Channel

The name of Dr. Morteza Ebad Gang’s telegram channel has fallen asleep. Unlike other stock exchange telegram channels, which provide technical and fundamental analysis in a row and, after the analysis is completed, advertise and republish them as a credit document for their forecast, Mr. Ebad’s channel has a chart of analysis and analysis. You don’t see complicated basic and technical ones.

Mr. Ebad tries to report the issues that occur in the market often in Taner language, and even if they provide technical analysis, they use words so well that with any level of financial literacy, you can enjoy reading the contents of this channel. Get enough benefit.

Telegram channel brokerage view

The ultimatum brokerage analytical channel reports daily what is happening in the stock market as well as the commodity exchange. Also, the technical and fundamental analysis of the ultra-forward brokerage analysts, in addition to their own proprietary platform called Arshan, is also included in this channel.

Even if it affects the very important political news of the market, it will be dealt with very briefly. I think that in addition to monitoring the market on a daily basis, following this channel will help you not to miss an important event in the market.

Initial supply channel

Perhaps one of the easiest benefits to gain in the stock market is to participate in the initial public offering of new stocks. That’s why capital market participants are always waiting for new stocks to enter the stock market and are looking for the exact time of these initial public offering stocks.

The primary supply channel specializes in fundamentally reviewing stocks that are to be offered in the initial public offering and fully covering the news related to them.

The best Telegram exchange channels

Commodity channel

The Commodity Telegram Channel was created by Amir Sabbagh and is based on analytical reports on the country’s mining chain and mining and energy industries such as copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold, oil, iron ore and more. And so do the international developments associated with them. Reputable international publications such as Metal Bulletin and Peltz are also published on this channel.

Kamyar Farahani Telegram Channel

One of the best Telegram exchange channels

Perhaps many of the scholarship professors we mentioned, and many of the old people who entered the capital market, became acquainted with financial markets such as the stock market and Forex with John Murphy’s technical analysis book translated by Kamyar Farahani. In Mr. Farahani’s channel, you should not look for stock charts or fundamental analyzes and profit calculations. It is usually published every few days in accordance with the conditions of the short text market, which is usually critical.

Rahavard Channel 365

The Rahord Telegram Channel publishes 365 short financial market news, technical analysis of some stock market symbols, suspicious volume reports and daily trading signals in the stock market. Of course, you can see these reports on the Rahavard website and in the bulletin section.

Pashtun Scholarship Academy

One of the best Telegram exchange channels

In this channel, educational topics of capital markets are presented in textual and sometimes visual form. Also, Maziar Fathi’s audio files and Mohammad Rostami’s scholarship breakfast report will be republished here. Also, the classes and training courses of this academy will be informed.

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Market Summary Channel

If you are interested in panel discussions and filtering and volumes and the entry and exit of liquidity and smart money in the stock market, the market summary channel will provide specialized reports when the stock market reopens. It also provides a comprehensive report on commodity exchange transactions and covers influential political news in the capital market.

Nima Azadi Telegram Channel

Nima Azadi is one of the old capital market technicians. In his telegram channel, every day, technical analysis presents many symbols of the stock market. Of course, sometimes the quarterly performance report examines companies in relation to fundamental analysis. Suspicious volumes, podcasts, and equilibrium prices are some of the highlights of Nima Azadi’s Telegram channel. In addition to the above, you will also see a lot of advertisements on their channel.

You better watch out for the ads on this channel. Due to the relatively large volume of ads on this channel, it seems that there is no specific filter for selecting these ads, and you will be tempted to go through the channels without a body. be careful!

The best Telegram exchange channels

Beta share

The Betasham Telegram channel mainly publishes basic content and important daily news of the capital market. One of the good features of this channel is reviewing codal reports and important points of stock exchange companies. Of course, to use some reports and analysis, you need to provide a special subscription. Of course, we didn’t see the need to subscribe. As a result, we do not know the status of the subscription purchase and the contents of the monetary reports of this channel.

Sina Soleimani Telegram Channel

One of the best Telegram exchange channels

Sina Soleimani offers mostly fundamental analysis and, of course, sometimes technical analysis. Mr. Soleimani’s fundamental analysis is not only based on the past and the presentation of companies ‘monthly and quarterly performance reports, but also examines companies’ profitability scenarios for the coming year, which can be very instructive.

In addition to the stock market, global markets and product prices that affect the profitability of listed companies such as oil, urea, methanol, base metals, etc. are also examined. Sina Soleimani also publishes articles on the Investing website, which she links to on her Telegram channel.

Behzad Samadi Telegram Channel

Behzad Samadi mainly puts technical analysis of stock market symbols in his channel and also covers important macro news as well as important news of stock exchange companies that he analyzes.

The best Telegram exchange channels

Amin Innovators Telegram Channel

You can follow Kadal’s reports as well as the important events and news of the capital market through Amin Innovators Channel. Amin Innovators also has a dedicated channel for codal reports that you can follow separately. Kadal reports are posted on this channel without any delay.

Metavio Telegram Channel

If you are interested in the topics of billboards and the entry and exit of capital and per capita sales, we suggest that you follow this channel. Of course, Metavio belongs to Arman Tadbir Naghsh Jahan brokerage, and if you want to use Metavio services, you must be a member of this brokerage. But in this channel, some market shares are examined.

Telegram channel analysis of the stock market in the style of WiFi

One of the best Telegram exchange channels

Farzad Rezaei, who has translated the book “Master of Markets” with Mehdi Mirzaei, uses a new style called “Vikov” and tries to teach this method to traders. No specialized book has been published yet, but Mr. Rezaei himself said on the channel that he intends to translate four books to make traders more familiar with the style.

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