Troubleshooting no network connection What are the best solutions available?

Troubleshooting no network connection What are the best solutions available?

Tick ​​Tack specializes in movie sharing and is therefore very popular. Here’s how Solve the problem no network connection TIC Tac We have taught.

These days, Tic Tac has grown significantly as a new social network, setting a record for the number of downloads as a competitor to Instagram and even Facebook. Designed solely for short video sharing, the app has gained worldwide fame in a short period of time with the launch of a special wave.

Tic Tac App With the design of a simple, full-screen environment for users and the availability of a variety of filters and tools for videos, it quickly became popular, but the app has become inaccessible to many users. Earlier also to Solve the ticking problem We paid. In this article, we have taught you the latest solution to the problem of network network connection. With Repetition Be with me.

Solve the problem of no network connection

To date, Tik Tak has not officially restricted any country, if the filter has been applied from within. But it seems that due to the enormous pressure of users on the servers of this program, which happened with a significant growth, TikTak restricts the access of some users. Of course, some experts also believe that this is due to the infrastructure of the countries, and when you connect to this program with a filter breaker, your access to the server will be cut off due to the design of security points.

Solve the ticking problem by clearing the memory

The first method is to clear the tick tick cache. Sometimes the wrong settings are stored on your phone, which can cause further problems, and by clearing the program settings, you can fix such problems. To do this, follow these steps:

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Tip: First, make sure you remember your account and account details, as you may be logged out of your account.

  • Enter the phone settings.
  • Go to the installed apps section.
  • Find the ticking program.
  • Select the Save location option.
  • In this section, click both Clear Data and Clear Hidden Memory.
  • Reopen the program. After doing this, your user profile may be deleted and you will need to re-enter your account information.

Solve the problem of ticking by installing the Lite version

Tick ​​Tack Light
Solve the problem of no network connection

Many people who have encountered the No Connection problem have not been able to solve the problem in the first way; However, according to studies, the most definitive solution to the problem of ticking is to install the Lite version. The Lite version isn’t much different from the original app and takes up less space on the phone.

If you have trouble working with TikTak and do not get the first method, delete the TikTak program and install TikTok Lite. This app is available on Google Play and various sites for download. You can log in to your account again and enjoy the world of TikTok videos.

Install ticking by changing the location of the country

Many experts attribute the downturn in Tik Tak to a sudden influx of users to the app, which has restricted access to some countries due to traffic congestion. Even if you use a professional filter breaker to use this program, it will still recognize your position and the program will stop working after a while. But here’s a temporary solution for those who want to use the original version:

Note: This is a temporary solution and will be disabled if your country’s location is detected by the program.

  • First, put your phone in flight mode and turn on Wifi again.
  • Open the filter breaker.
  • Delete the ticking program (make sure your account information is written down somewhere).
  • In the phone’s Setting Settings menu, go to the Apps app section and enter the Google Play Store.
  • If you have your Gmail information, select Storage.
  • In this section, click both Clear Data and Clear Hidden Memory.
  • Exit the Setting section.
  • Re-enter the list of installed apps on your phone and open the Play Store app.
  • While the phone is still open and the filter breaker is open, reinstall the tick.

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Note: With this method, many users have managed to connect to Tic Tac, but this is a temporary solution, and at the first opportunity that the software detects that you live in Iran, it will restrict your access again. Tick ​​Tack may work before login to your personal account. But by logging in (due to user identification) your access will be cut off again.

12 ways to troubleshoot other ticking apps on Android and iPhone

Other problems with ticking and how to fix them
Solve the problem of no network connection

TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks in the world and has many users. In this program, you can record and share short videos with special features. However, some users have trouble using this program. Here are some ways to solve these problems.

Troubleshoot registration in Tic Tac Toe

Unfortunately, this program has been sanctioned for Iran and you will not be able to register with Iran’s IP. That’s why you need to use IP-changing tools and change your IP to other countries to fix the ticking problem.

Troubleshooting the ticking program

Close the app
Solve the problem of no network connection

Closing the program seems like a simple task and can solve various problems. Close the application completely and open it again.

Restart the phone to fix the problem of not opening the tick

Reset the phone
Solve the problem of no network connection

Turn off your phone. Turn on the phone again after a short time. This will fix minor software issues with your phone or app.

Troubleshooting TickTack software by checking the internet connection

Check the internet
Solve the problem of no network connection

Don’t forget that ticking requires proper internet connection. If you can’t use the app and have trouble logging in to Tic Tac, your Internet may be in trouble. To check for Wi-Fi, go to Settings ⇒ Wi-Fi and make sure it is connected to the correct network.

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Check the internet
Solve the problem of no network connection

You can also check the internet status of your SIM card by going to the phone’s settings and the Cellular section. Make sure Cellular Data is enabled. Check your Internet connection for security with your browser.

Ensure the health of the server to solve the problem of app ticking

Sometimes ticking servers can be a problem. In this case, the program will be disabled for all or part of the users. You can be sure of the status of the ticking server on social networks such as Twitter.


To fix the TikTok problem, go to your Android phone’s settings and enter the Apps / Apps Manager section. Then enable the All Apps option. Touch the menu (three dots) and click Reset App Preferences.

The problem of registration in Tic Tac, the problem of Internet error

Go to your Android phone’s settings and enter the Apps / Apps Manager section. Select Musically, and under Permissions, enable all permissions for the program, and finally tap Done.

The problem of logging in to the Tic Tac musical program

Some of the problems in this area are related to incorrectly entering the username and password. Make sure you enter the required items carefully. If your problem still persists, uncheck Google Services in the phone’s cache settings and restart the phone. Then try again.

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Camera problem in ticking

To fix the camera problem, turn off any recording mode or effects. Simply record your video and then add the other features you want.

Stopped, Not Responding, and Force Closes

First, turn your device off and on once. Update the program to the latest version available. If the problem persists, follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down the Android notification bar. Right-click on the User icon and select Guest mode.
  2. Download and install TikTok Musically. Then test whether the program is running or not. If not, you may have installed a program on your phone that has a problem with the tick and should be removed.
  3. This program requires a lot of RAM. Make sure you have enough RAM; Close the RAM space by closing additional and unnecessary programs.

Do not show followers and likes in Tik Tak

This problem is mainly due to the update of ticking servers. It is best to wait a few hours for the problem to recur. If this continues, use the Lite version of the program to fix your problem.

Delete and install the program to fix the problem

Delete and install the program
Solve the problem of no network connection

If your ticking software problems still persist, remove the app from your phone completely as the final solution. Then download and install the latest version from the App Store again.

Why has the Tic Tac application failed in Iran?

Tick ​​Tack fails in Iran
Solve the problem of no network connection

The failure of Tik Tak is a question for some users, because the Tik Tak application has been completely disabled for Iranian users in recent days.

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The Chinese social network, which has recently grown significantly in the world, focuses on making short videos by users and is growing and competing with Instagram in various countries. Last week, Forbes Media Company announced that Google was looking to buy a video app to compete with Tic Tac.

TickTack has never been officially announced in Iran, but given that it is not possible to access it without a filter breaker, some believe that the app is essentially blocked from within.

However, some users on social media say that in the last three days, Tic Tac has not even been available with a filter breaker, and it seems that it is basically having problems with its servers.

Downdetector map shows the problems in Tik Tak network in some parts of the world, including Iran. However, for now, the question of why the Tic Tac is failing is difficult to answer accurately.

Within two years, Tic Tac was able to establish itself as a competitor to Netflix, YouTube, SnapChat, and even Facebook.

The app has garnered more than a billion downloads in more than 150 countries in 75 languages. With the help of this application, users can prepare their short videos in different modes and with different effects and share them on social networks with other global users. The work environment with this software is designed in such a way that it does not need to be translated and it is very easy to use. This feature is the winner of the Tic Tac Toe compared to similar Chinese software such as VChat or Tensent.

Why worry about the popularity of Facebook CEO Tick Tack?

Mark Zuckerberg's concern about the popularity of ticking
Solve the problem of no network connection

Facebook CEO Marker Zuckerberg has previously made it clear that he has no interest in following the news of his new rival, Tic Tac. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, and the growing popularity of using the app has made him very worried.

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TickTack has become so popular among users that it has even been able to change Facebook standards. According to a recent report by the Tower Sensor Research Center, there are 738 million downloads for Tic Tac in 2019, which puts it above Instagram and Facebook.

How did Tic Tac to turn from an entertainment app into a serious concern for the US government?

In fact, only one app, WhatsApp, was able to download more than Tic Tac. Among the world’s five most downloaded apps, four are owned by Facebook, but the TickTack threat is more than what Mark Zuckerberg wants to ignore.

According to published statistics, the number of Tik Tak downloads increased by 44% last year, and now more than 1.65 billion downloads have been registered for it. Not everyone who installs this app actively uses it, but these numbers show that the risk of ticking is much more serious than what Facebook imagined.

Mark Zuckerberg's concern about the popularity of ticking
Solve the problem of no network connection

Tick-tock growth is most noticeable in China and India. The app is known in China as Duoyin, and since Facebook is filtered in this country, it is used by many users.

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Not to mention that in 2017, Facebook tried to buy the Musically app, now known as Tic Tac, but failed to compete with the current owner of the bot, Ednes. However, Facebook even modeled on some of the features and effects of TickTack to get users’ attention and increase the popularity of their apps.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg, who has not been able to perform well in the practice and competition with Tik Tak, has questioned the performance of Tik Tak and said that this program needs further investigation.

Our apps, such as WhatsApp, are used by many users during protests and by activists because of their powerful encryption and user privacy capabilities, but Tic Tac To censor these protests. Is this the internet we were looking for? China is also trying to expand its view of the Internet to other parts of the world.

But Tik Tak has denied any influence by the Chinese government on the policies and policies of Byte Dance and Tik Tak, saying it is willing to give up part of its stock or move its organization abroad to clear up any allegations. Transfer from China.

Evidence suggests that Zuckerberg is deeply concerned about the peak of ticking, and is trying every way to bypass the app or reduce its popularity. But the growth and popularity of Tic Tac is such that it seems unlikely that these efforts will be successful.

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